design confessions

  1. the hardest projects are usually the ones you do for yourself. (like that bathroom renovation that is halfway finished...seriously, would i rather wallpaper or have a glass of wine? and both at the same time are patently disastrous. don't try it.). 
  2. it's impossible to tell exactly how a space will feel until you're in it. while you can create beautiful floor plans, it's hard to nail down every single detail until things start coming together. hence the importance of styling and thinking of a space as an organically shifting, rather that static, medium. 
  3. lighting makes a HUGE difference. it's amazing to me how even shades of white can look entirely different depending on the time of day and how much sun exposure a room has--in on space it looks cold and clinical and in another it's warm and breezy. site specificity matters
  4. you have to strike a balance between the way you want to live and the way you actually live. this is a hard one for me. the way we live isn't always pretty--it sometimes involves takeout and eating on the sofa rather than a beautifully plated spread on a saarinen table. design, at least in my opinion, is about merging realism with the ideal to create livable, workable spaces that function well. 
  5. trends are fun, but they don't always fit your style. i have a fairly eclectic sensibility, but still feel a bit left out on a few design trends. there are just some things i'm never going to like--kind of like the odd resurgence of overalls or cérused wood.
  6. sometimes things don't work out as planned--and it's frequently better that way. there are always at least a few surprises in any design process, as there are many different companies, installers and trades working on any given project. while i spend a decent amount of time managing the correction of deficiencies, there are usually a few surprises that work. 
  7. you can't know everything. that's why there are people that just do window coverings or only install countertops. finding reliable, skilled trades is the best way to greatly expand your knowledge base. 
  8. some things are better in theory than in practice. a sheepskin rug in the main pathway of your home is going to get seriously dirty, and fast. a marble countertop is beautiful but not always the easiest thing to maintain. i love the look of open storage but am way too OCD to live with it on a daily basis. think of the styled interiors on blogs, magazines and pinterest as great styling inspiration--but it's not reality for most people.

ok, that's all for now folks! and i'll keep you posted on that (very) slow going bathroom renovation... ;)