79 Days of Design

As designers and small business owners, we're constantly on a quest for interesting things, ideas that inspire and things that challenge our way of being in the world. While I think inspiration is truly everywhere and can be found in the most unlikely of place and at times when you least expect it, my go-to source for inspiration, both in life and design, is books. It's no secret that Brad and I are both active bibliophiles that can rarely resist the charms of books old, new, used or garden varietal library editions. I'm a minimalist in most areas, but I can never have enough books (or boots) it seems. 

Which leads me to today's topic. I've had Michael Bierut's book, Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design sitting on my night stand for over three months now with the intention of reading an essay a day–an easy and relatively quick exercise that I've been avoiding. I decided to start tonight and, in reading the first essay, was struck by how many good ideas, interesting thoughts and important lessons came to light and sparked my curiosity. So for the next 79 days, I'll be posting my favorite line from each essay for your creative pleasure–you can follow along with me on Twitter @playgroundSD or on our Facebook page if you prefer. Or buy the book (I've only read one essay, but so far I'd highly recommend it. And seriously, it's Michael Bierut–you really can't go wrong!) and share your own favorite lines and words of inspiration with us. 

Here's to 79 days of design inspiration, new paths and creative challenges!