playground is moving!

down the road that is. i’m excited to announce that after six months of tireless searching, we’ve finally found playground’s new and improved digs! we’re literally moving right up the street, out of the craziness of the gaslamp quarter and into the  relative serenity that is banker’s hill. 

we’ve been looking for a new space with increasing fervor as our former office seemed to get smaller and smaller by the day. from furniture and fabric samples to stacks of plan drawings and new toys (um, tools), our space started to feel more like a storage room than a space where we could actually work. i blame part of this on the fact that as a designer i’m highly (okay, ridiculously) sensitive to environments and am easily distraught in a space that doesn’t feel good to me, both emotionally and aesthetically. this makes me a real pain sometimes. it also makes me good at what i do. we are all, at least on some level, affected by our environment. god bless our broker friends, as we may very well have been the pickiest tenants on the market.
the new space has lovely bones (loft, skylight (!), wood floors)  but is definitely in need of some serious renovation, which is frankly one of the parts i’m most looking forward to. for those friends who haven’t had enough of us already with the office hunt, you’re cordially invited to join us for a celebratory demo day where we’ll take out any pent up aggression on some of the residula ugliness in said space. 

we’ll be documenting our journey along the way, so follow along with us via instagram for before/during/after photos—as well as snaps of my super cute new work boots. 

until next time,