word of the week: patina

patina{noun,  pa·ti·na  \pə-ˈtē-nə, ˈpa-tə-nə\} a thin usually green layer that forms naturally on the metals copper and bronze when they are exposed to the air for a long time

: a shiny or dark surface that forms naturally on something (such as wood or leather) that is used for a long time

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patina is the infusion of character, age and history into a space, something that gives texture and a sense of place, of longevity, of substance. it's the extra layer that makes a space feel grounded. 

some of my favorite ways to incorporate patina into a space is through vintage light fixtures, which are usually pretty inexpensive to have rewired, antique rugs (obsession!) and the addition or restoration of architectural detailing (if and only if it is authentic to the bones of the space). old books can also do the trick if you have enough of them to really make a visual impact.