Design Resolutions

As a bit of a type A personality, i've always enjoyed making lists, setting intentions and planning in general. It's definitely safe to assume that given the opportunity, I'll make some sort of list, whether it's for shopping, goals, books to read, restaurants to try, etc, etc, etc. And the advent of a new year ahead certainly warrants list making of all sorts, so here it goes, my design resolutions for 2016:

  1. Shop vintage, handmade and local first. If you still don't succeed, your free to by it elsewhere, guilt free. 
  2. Advocate for what you like best. Who cares if everyone else loves bright colors? Hone your personal aesthetic without apology. 
  3. Take inspiration trips regularly. It's so easy to get tunnel vision hopping from one project to the next. This year, make time to get out and see the world, or at least visit a museum, a new shop, an art installation. 
  4. Get off your phone. Inspiration is everywhere, but you miss it if you're constantly checking your email and texting like an addict. 
  5. Create systems built around your life. I hate storage. My goal in life is that everything I own is beautiful and pared down enough to be on display. But until that far off day happens, I'm planning to incorporate a bit more functional storage into my life.
  6. Schedule time to create. With a whole host of pet projects that range from painting to designing my own home collection, it's easy to put these things aside "for a later date" when something more pressing comes along. The problem is, there is almost always something more pressing. By setting aside and sticking with this dedicated time, I'm eager to move some of my own projects forward.
  7. Fail faster. With big plans in store for the coming year, we're trying on some new adventures in design. Stay tuned for announcements. But with new ventures comes the possibility of failure. My goal is to fail faster, find what works for us (and doesn't) and make it happen.
  8. Build a team. We're actively looking for new people to join playground. Seriously dude. If you know anyone who's design-y and all kinds of amazing, send them our way. 
  9. Swim outside of your lane. This is a big one for me personally. When we were first starting off with playground we were told that we needed to "swim in our own lane" by one not-to-be-named guy who didn't want us intruding on his market share. Since than, we've been challenging ourselves and vowing to keep pushing and keep growing.
  10. Dream on paper. I love my computer and all of the tools at my fingertips, but it also means I've done a lot less hand drawing, sketching, writing and imagining. There's something about writing on paper that feels less permanent to me and makes me a bit more fluid with my thoughts and imagination. In the year ahead, I'm hoping to get a little less digital when I'm designing, or at least in the initial stages.

Do you guys have any resolutions for design or otherwise? Cheers to 2016--it's going to be a good year!