The most random things inspire me--I think that's generally true for most people. I alternate between being obsessed with nature, books, art and generally just pretty pictures. Yesterday I was walking on the beach up in Leucadia and was rendered entirely dumbstruck by the beautifully shaped stones washed up on the beach--the array of colors was seriously gorgeous--natural, yet super colorful, some with speckled patterns, others in vibrant greens, teals, browns, the prettiest shades of blue. Of course I didn't manage to stop and take a photo--I didn't have my phone for once and was far too captivated with the experience to really care. 

So that's my thought for the day--that inspiration really is everywhere if you're willing to be present and really look. Keeping your eyes open is a vital life skill on so many levels. Here's a few other (random) images that I've felt really inspired by this past week. 

When I look at the images, the thing that most jumps out at me is a study in contrast--equal parts exuberance and restraint, order and controlled chaos. It's what I love so much about design, that you need equal parts to create balance, or can screw balance and go all in. Experimentation is the highest form of play.