10 Ways to Savor Summer

Summer is my verrrrry favorite season. I love the warm weather, slightly slower pace and an excuse to sip rosé on a sunny Saturday afternoon. There's also something about the long days and balmy nights that just makes me happy to be alive. Here are a few of my favorite ways to savor the season: 

  1. Make fresh fruit paletas. May we recommend these coconut and summer berry combo?
  2. Get outside. Go paddleboarding, hike the trails or sit on a patio and sip some rosé. (The last one is a pretty obvious no-brainer.)
  3. Support local farmers and shop your neighborhood farmer's market for the freshest, juiciest produce of the season. Bonus points if you pick up some fresh flowers. 
  4. Pack a picnic. It always seems like too much work until you're sitting on a grassy lawn somewhere and enjoying a meal alfresco. 
  5. Get out of town. Summertime road trips are a classic for a reason. Even if you're just gone for a day or checking out a new part of town, a change of scenery can be a serious palate cleanser. 
  6. Plant a garden. Even if it's only a few herbs growing in your kitchen, seeing (and smelling) vibrant green plants always makes me smile and also inspires me to use more fresh ingredients instead of salt for flavor. 
  7. Learn something new. Summertime moves just a little bit slower, allowing a bit of flex time to pick up a new skill or pursue a curiosity. I've been diving into all sorts of new books that I've had waiting on my Amazon list for far too long and enjoying every moment. 
  8. Make your own cold brew. It's delicious, cheap, easy and you'll thank yourself when the afternoon rolls around and you need a cold drink. 
  9. Create a summer playlist. Mine's usually a mix of bossa nova (much to everyone's chagrin) and 70s disco funk. 
  10. Brighten up! Embrace breezy layers, bright whites and bold colors both at home and for your personal style.