Design Resolutions for 2017

We're all about starting off the new year on the right foot and for us that naturally means freshening up our home so we have a clean slate and sharing some of our design resolutions for the year ahead. While these are all on my personal list, I'm always curious to hear what other people are doing with their homes, life and style in the year ahead--or at least what you want to do. This is my favorite time of year for dreaming of what could be...and so it goes, my design resolutions for the year ahead. It's going to be a good one you guys!

  1. Choose quality over all else. I'd rather have one truly beautiful thing that works perfectly than a million almost good enough items.  
  2. Simplify your life. Edit/donate/repeat and know that you're making someone else's life a little bit merrier by the passing on things you don't need to those that are less fortunate.
  3. Forgo trends--choose things that make you happy and you'll never be out of style. 
  4. Have a plan. Ever wonder how some people have beautifully designed (fill in the blank--home, wardrobe, LIFE, etc.)? It's because they have a plan to see how all of the pieces fit together and complement one another. Putting together a design plan for your home, even if you're not going to execute it all at once, is great starting point for creating a space you love. 
  5. Open your home. There are few pleasures as enjoyable as hosting friends and family at home. We're of the mindset that the more the merrier and that impromptu adds to the fun. It's about everyone getting together, not about a perfectly scrubbed floor.
  6. Create a sanctuary. We're talking plenty of candles (I'm personally partial to this one), luxurious throws (because our dog prefers cashmere--eye roll), and comfy, cushy pillows.
  7. More flowers. Easy enough, especially now that we can count the lovely ladies at Magnolia Flower Shoppe as a new client. Worth a look by the way if you're with us on this resolution: @magnoliaflowershoppe
  8. Fix one thing that annoys you on a daily basis. Here's looking at your closet shelving. 
  9. Try my hand at gardening. Historically this has not gone so well, even with simple culinary herbs but that's what resolutions are for. If it doesn't work out, at least I have #7. 
  10. Incorporate color and pattern. I adore color, but almost always opt for neutrals. In the new year, I'm looking to live boldly by adding more color and pattern into my life and home. 
  11. Travel. Inspiration comes of working everyday and taking time to get out and see the world. As if I needed another reason to schedule some much needed vacations, er, research trips for the year ahead!