dwell on design recap

i mentioned that i was going to dwell on design to one of my gc friends, to which i got the reply, "don't you dwell on design everyday?" anyway, i did spend the weekend dwelling on design as the case may be and had such a great time meeting fellow designers, vendors and some seriously inspiring speakers. i've been so color obsessed lately and my preoccupation was only further fueled by seeing some amazing new color mashups that made me oh so happy and ready to put a few of the combinations into projects (and products) we're currently developing. 

my only disappointment is that i didn't schedule enough time to do some of the architectural tours associated with the event--a few of the homes looked ah-mazing but it was semi-working weekend so we just never made it over that way. noted for next year. 

the whole show was sponsored by airbnb and included a presentation from one of my idols, rebel hotelier chip conley. i'm currently reading one of his (many) books and can't say enough good things about this guy. there's a reason he's rocking design and hospitality in a big way. plus i got a rose flavored popsicle from the airbnb booth in the middle of the afternoon--instant happiness is truly in the small surprises that you can delight your guests with. the whole thing really took me back to thinking about the importance and historic role of the host in design. charles eames was notoriously obsessed with the role of designer as gracious host, providing comfortable and beautiful spaces/products that make people happy. even from the time that i was a six year old girl, i loved when my parents would have their raucous dinner parties and have carried on the tradition myself--there's nothing i love better than attending a good party with friends other than hosting one. 

“The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.” -Charles Eames

as i'm constantly reminded, design is in the details, in all of the small opportunities you can create to surprise, delight and inspire you guests.