furniture for small spaces

let me preface this post with saying that i really love small spaces--i'm like a cat and want a cozy little place to curl up with a good book or a yummy plate of spaghetti. any space that is too expansive makes me feel ever so slightly uneasy--perhaps it's years of living in smaller urban spaces. but whatever the cause, one thing i know for sure is that the quickest way to detest small space living is by having the wrong furniture for it. from the sectional that takes up half the room to overly dainty pieces, it's a (very) delicate balancing act of scale, proportion and of course, material. so here's my quick and dirty take on what i love for small space furnishings--and my best advice: 

  1. go for furniture with legs!
  2. see-through furniture (think wire, glass, acrylic if you must) is usually a big win.
  3. large art is a yes.
  4. strategic mirror placement, also a yes!
  5. pedestal tables can save you significant floor space.

basically anything that increases your sense of sight through the space helps immensely. don't be afraid to choose an oversize or statement piece, especially if it fits some of the above rules--experimentation is half the fun!