Renovation and Other Fine Pursuits

The playground office renovation is in full swing and it looks like we will be move-in ready by the end of this week. Hooray! It's been such a fascinating and semi-surreal process, as I keep thinking that it is a client project, not a space that we actually get to move into once it is complete. I think part of that is from our deeply personal attachment to every project we touch, from restaurants and development projects we are working on to residential design work, I feel such a strong sense of involvement and commitment to each that it can be hard to figuratively turn over the keys at the end of it. I'm usually ready to move into the space myself once it is done, but this time we actually get to! 

It's also made me appreciate the ease we have in working with clients and how we, as designers, are NOT easy clients. I've discovered that I am not my own dream client--surprise surprise! You know the line, "it takes a village," usually reference in terms of child-rearing? Well, it definitely also applies to almost any renovation project, especially one that includes two very finicky, specific and detailed designers as the client. We've been incredibly fortunate and grateful to have so many friends, associates and acquaitainces help us out in so many different capacities, from good advice and resources, to lending supplies or even hammering nails when needed. Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it.

So before this post becomes pure sap, I'll get to the good stuff. We'll be hosting a party in our new space to celebrate the new location, the people who made it possible and, last but not least, playground's slightly belated one year anniversary celebration. More details (and before/after photos) coming soon!