Museum of Photographic Arts

Shaping Contemporary Culture

The Museum of Photographic Arts, nestled in the heart of Balboa Park, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as a beacon for the photography community in Southern California. In light of this anniversary, we helped MOPA realize their ambitions to engage with diverse audiences with a setting that felt fresh, contemporary and relevant. We reimagined their existing space with plans for a 10,000 sqft architectural expansion and interior design. The new plan will renew all public spaces in the museum, including the addition of a mezzanine level for galleries, a “third space” entryway to read and relax, as well as newly designed bookstore, library and entryway. As the project moves forward, we have provided support in assembling  the funding package for investors, private organizations and government entities.

Museum of Photographic Arts

 Interior Design, Signage, Visualization

Art, Culture, Museum

San Diego