posthaste by playground is a fast, fun decorating service for clients who want to work with us but may not need full-service design or would prefer to work on their project at their own pace. A posthaste client wants the look we specialize in but has more of a DIY, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and doesn't mind diving into the project head first. Instead of meeting in-person we communicate via email and questionnaires, culminating in a chic package that arrives at your door with step-by-step design plans that you will be able to implement on your own. 


With posthaste, you will receive:

  1. Floor Plan: This to-scale floor plan will show placement for furniture and lighting.
  2. Furniture Board: This mood board will help you envision how everything in the room will look together. 
  3. Fabric & Paint Swatches: You'll receive a bound set of swatch cards with detailed information on fabrics, paint and finishes. 
  4. Shopping List: The shopping list is your key to putting together the room of your dreams, all easily available with the click of a mouse. 
The design fee for posthaste varies based on needs and square footage, but most start around $2,000 (fee only, not including furniture budget). We pride ourselves on creating custom, personality-packed homes that are specifically designed for you, which takes time.

Here's how the process works:

  1. Select your room from our a la carte menu and submit payment.
  2. Complete your To Do List. This includes filling out a lifestyle questionnaire, photographing and measuring the room, and photographing and taking measurement of all existing furniture you would like to keep. During this period, we'll also ask you to gather inspiration images. 
  3. Submit your To Do List materials via snail mail or email. Once we've receive your materials and the project commencement date has arrived, our design team will analyze everything you've sent us to create a unique design for your taste, lifestyle and budget. We will be in touch with any questions.
  4. Knock Knock! Within 6 weeks from when we receive you completed To Do List, a package with complete plans for your room design will arrive at your door. We will notify you when the package has shipped.
  5. Make it happen! Now that you have everything you need to make the room of your dreams a reality, it's time to get moving. With our easy to following instructions and detailed plans and specifications, you'll soon have a photo-worthy space to call home. And speaking of photos, we'd love to see pictures of your finished project! We take so much pride in collaborating with our posthaste clients to create beautiful spaces together.