About Us

playground is an award-winning design and concept firm based in sunny California.
We pair strategic consulting with design thinking to tell stories, build beautiful spaces and create immersive experiences. 

playground is a boutique design and concept firm based in sunny California. We are a full-service firm and work on a wide variety of projects, with a common thread that is focused on creating exceptional experiences. Our firm is founded on an interdisciplinary approach that informs our aesthetic, as well as our process. We are focused on human-centric design, creating immersive, nuanced spaces that are evocative, transformative and never ordinary. Our clients are diverse, ranging from publicly traded companies to startups and small businesses.

We consider our approach to be storytelling through design, creating cohesive narratives that span all corners of a space, building an authentic experience that is woven through each element. No detail is too small, no obstacle too big--we love it all and love helping our clients, friends and colleagues to make the world a more beautiful place to live, work, relax, connect, eat, drink or shop, one space at a time. We create spaces that make us want to sit and stay a while.

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