Healthcare in the Palm of Your Hand

Aura is a new health app that empowers those with epilepsy to better manage and predict their seizures. The app’s proprietary algorithm is based on a simple, 30-second daily check-in that gathers information on the user’s mood, sleep and other environmental factors to learn and track the probability of an epileptic occurrence. In addition, the Aura app interface allows patients to share detailed information on their seizures with their doctors on a regular basis, making it easy to remember and record vitally important information that enhances healthcare. 

In our work with Aura, we created the visual language of the app design and UX interface, created systems to aid in initial data collection and launch, as well as developed the branding, logo and app icon. Our comprehensive role in guiding Aura from the idea to the actualization allowed us to work hand-in-hand with the Aura team to create an app that is changing the face of healthcare through beautiful design and ease of use. 


App Design, Branding, UX

App, Health, Startup

San Francisco